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      Actionable Intelligence Group

Partnering with The Actionable Intelligence Group

What does partnership mean for you?

  • The Actionable Intelligence Group is a collaborative alliance of independent consulting firms with complementary skills and experience.

  • All members are Boutique Consulting firms, with solid practitioners and seasoned subject matter experts, each having a 20+ year track record centered around the monetization of data, with domain expertise which extends across a diverse set of Industry domains.

  • Actionable Intelligence Group's members collaborate on engagements through Actionable Intelligence Group and provide strategic and tactical intelligence to corporations to strengthen their respective competitive advantages.

  • Our network, spanning a wide range of industries, acts as a virtual 'hub' providing access to business intelligence expertise from member organizations.
  • Validated members of Actionable Intelligence Group, such as Data to Dollars, LLC,  are able to leverage and/or include proven expertise on client engagements.​